Always an advocate for you.


Headshot for Associate JULIEN  CAMPBELL
Cell: 407.808.6729
Office: 407.898.4800
Fax: 407.898.5600
With extensive experience in Parks and Recreation, Retail, and Information Technology industries, Julien brings over 15 years of customer service experience. He has a strategic yet personable approach when working with clients. The depth of Julien’s service experience allows him to effectively assess and respond to the needs of a comprehensive range of clients. Honesty and integrity, along with determination and dedication, are philosophies that Julien strives for in all aspects of his life. Applying these principles to his business allows Julien to use his distinct negotiating insights to advocate for his clients. Julien is effective without being too aggressive. He understands that real estate process can be demanding and will maintain constant communication to ensure a positive experience. He is also committed to consistently exceeding all expectations. If you are planning on buying, selling or relocating, Julien is the agent who best understands your needs and wants. He will find your forever home, market your home to sell, or assist you in gathering the best information to deliver a seamless transition. As a real estate professional, Julien takes pride in supporting his clients by delivering exceptional service and establishing lasting relationships. Know that he is “Always an advocate for you."